Chandelier and Accessory cleaning

How to properly clean chandeliers and accessories without damaging them

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  • Saturday, July 17, 2021

Chandelier and Accessory cleaning

Perhaps one of the most important points after purchasing any product is to know the storage and care conditions.


Knowing and following these instructions will prevent damage as well as the life of the product. In this article, we try to share with you the correct way to clean chandeliers and accessories such as candlesticks, mirrors, wall sconces, decorative columns and a range of products from this range.


In the process of cleaning chandeliers and luxury products, care should be taken not to use any chemicals. The use of chemical detergents destroys the protective layer on the products and over time damages the coating of the products.


In the chandelier brand, products are often covered with gold and a protective layer is placed on the products.


A little water is enough to clean chandeliers and luxury accessories.


In this way, to clean the products, we take a damp cloth and apply it on the desired surfaces. You can clearly see that the product will be as bright as the first day of installation in your home.

For products that have crystal hangers, when pulling and dusting the handkerchief, care should be taken that pulling the handkerchief does not cause the hangers to open and fall.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

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